Honored to be Interviewed by NC Design Online

Honored to be Interviewed by NC Design Online

Please check out the article on:  NC Design Online’s Blog about our Firm.  How exciting! What a privilege to be on the same website as many other talented North Carolina Designers.

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Every now and then North Carolina Design likes to chat with our favorite designers about what inspires them, what challenges them, and how they work their particular brand of magic. Recently, we caught up with Wilmington and Raleigh interior designer, Angela Crittenden, owner of Teal Interior Design, to find out more about her design preferences and her process.


Images Courtesy of Teal Interior Design ©

While Angela once focused primarily in the Raleigh area, she has recently expanded the focus of her firm to also include designing beach homes in the coastal area of Wilmington, where she currently lives. “It’s been an interesting change,” she notes. “The design aesthetic along the coast is different. Things are less traditional. When it comes to Wilmington interior design, the fabrics and colors are lighter. The look is softer and more coastal.”


The change suits Angela’s personal aesthetic very well. “I like a mix of traditional and coastal elements,” she explains. “I like to use simple neutrals, with a punch of pattern or color in a room, whether through wallpaper, window treatments, or pillow fabric. Beach houses tend to have a lot of windows, which means less wall space. That makes it easy to add artwork or a bold accent wall without overwhelming the space.”



Wallpaper is one of Angela’s favorite ways of adding life to a room. “There are so many different amazing scales and patterns and colors to choose from. I sometimes have to educate clients and help them understand that the wallpaper available today is not the old-timey style of wallpaper. It’s artwork.”


Helping clients see her vision is one of the bigger challenges Angela faces in her design work. “Many people have trouble visualizing how a concept will come together,” she notes. “They also have trouble understanding that they have to be patient to get the best results. It doesn’t all come together right away like it does on TV design shows, where they have hundreds of people working behind the scenes to get things done.”


Angela’s strategy is to build a design from one inspiration piece, whether it’s wallpaper, upholstery fabric or a window treatment. Her favorite part of the process is seeing the vision in her head come to life. “I love the before and after aspect of design,” she notes. “It’s so exciting and gratifying.”


One of Angela’s favorite “afters” is near and dear to her heart, and showcases her design intuition. “I’m almost nine months pregnant,” she notes. “I chose a lavender orchid color for the nursery, which turned out to be the Pantone color of the year!”



We wish Angela’s family and their and her soon to be bundle of of joy all the best in the new year! As you can tell by the nursery images, a few four legged family members are also anxiously awaiting the new arrival, and were integral in the design of the nursery! It’s a bit difficult for me to separate the pooches that are real from those that accent the room.