For a room to be a success, all elements must work in harmony.  A successful room must also be functional and express a certain mood that the homeowner is intending.  Do you want an Art Deco look with a streamlined, geometric style popular in the ‘20s and ‘30s or are you looking for a Modern look with a clean, sleek feel?

Once the mood is decided, the elements for the room can be determined.  The elements (furniture, art work, lamps, etc.) should be of appropriate scale to the size of the space.  A tiny bedroom with a king sized bed would look crowded and out of place.  The same goes for a large room where a tiny sofa and chairs would get lost.  The elements would be out of harmony with the size of the room.


Walking into this room, your eye immediately travels to the table and chairs. They ground the space and become the focal point for the room. Notice how the high back chairs cause your eye to travel upwards while taking in the beautiful chandelier and ceiling. The subtle geometric pattern is repeated throughout the room in the rug, drapery, candles, lamps and wall art.  Also, the color scheme of the room helps to create a pleasing flow and feel.


When the entire room is visually connected then you know you have created harmony.

Here at Teal, we always strive to design rooms to be functional, express the appropriate mood and to insure all elements work in harmony!